Free eBook Healthy Weight Loss Plan For Women

By Dr. Lynn Kolton

How This Book Can Help You Lose Weight

The secret to success in a diet is making changes and sticking with them. in this book, you’ll learn exactly how to develop a weight loss strategy that really gets results. It is simple, it is easy and it produces fast results. First of all, this diet plan works fast. It literally burns off fat by the hour. If you go on this diet in the morning you will lose weight before lunch. You lose weight faster on this diet than if you ran 7 miles every day. You’ll be able to measure the difference in your waistline in 24 to 36 hours.

Below are the highlights of eBook…

  • Learn What You Currently Eat and Drink
  • What To Eat and Drink
  • How to Construct Your Weight-Loss Strategy
  • Eat the Right Amount of Calories for You
  • Focus on Foods You Need
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