is keto diet safe

Is Keto Safe (Ultimate Guidance)

The biggest question these days are is keto safe for health benefits?

In this world, are highly motivated to follow weight-loss diets, low carbs, and rich protein eating plans. Atkins diets, The Paleo Diets get fit into these categories.

Keto diets are entirely different from all other diets. You have to put yourself on low carbs but high on the protein that impacts fat in your body. So many people are concerns and asking is keto safe?

Keto diet actually causes the body to release the ketones from the bloodstreams. Most of the cells in our body prefer to use blood sugar comes from carbs which are the main source of the energy in the body.

A Ketogenic diet is rich in fats and proteins, it requires plenty of meat, fish, seeds, oil, butter, processed meats, eggs. Sometimes it gets too hard to follow in a single day.

In the beginning, you may feel tired or you may feel sleeping problems, constipation, nausea, or even vomiting.

Is Keto Safe For Diabetics?

While in diabetes if you follow a keto diet, it is the most efficient way of managing your blood glucose and losing weight says Dr. Saslow, Ph.D. the study leader.

Her research has shown up that those who follow the ketogenic diet have lowered HbA1c while those on the standard low-fat diet did not.

People who have both diabetes Type 1 and Type 2 can start doing the ketogenic diet but under the supervision of doctors and nutritionist or your medical team. Insulin and Oral diabetes medications lower your blood sugar.

If you restrict carbohydrates up to 5 percent or less of your daily calories on top of medications, then your blood sugar could drop too low which leads to hypoglycemia.

The ketogenic diet only gets effective when you maintain the strictness. Following a ketogenic diet is very much tough for some people because of their lifestyle factors eating out often, leisure, exercise and traveling for work.

This is very essential to follow the diet in the correct way that requires time and dedication for meal preparation and understanding how many carbs, proteins do food have.

If you have gestational diabetes, we recommend you to lower your daily carbs while progressing your protein and vegetables,” Dr. Ruiz tells their patients to eat smaller and more frequent meals throughout the day so that the blood sugar gets stable and you can definitely keep a stable blood sugar without going into ketosis.

Is Keto Safe During Pregnancy?

Most of the women ask a question, Is keto safe during pregnancy? It is completely safe for ladies to be eating a ketogenic diet in pregnancy. Women in the ancient were almost certainly ketotic during pregnancy says by Dr. Michael Fox, (a fertility specialist) at the Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine.

He recommends to all the women to start the ketoic diet 2 3 months before trying to conceive. He also advises the women once get pregnant, the mother should enjoy low carbs, high fat eating every 2 hours the time she gets wake up.

He provides a dietary contribution of the meal and snacking foods that lists items such as cheese, cream or unsweetened nut butters on vegetables like cucumber, celery or cauliflower, as well as eggs, nuts in all forms, canned, meats and avocados, unflavoured pork rinds, fresh fish, cheeses, full-fat cream, butter.

Young pregnant attractive woman, standing by the window, dressed in casual clothing, a day before the due date.

The ketogenic diet also results in a build-up of ketones (by-products of fat breakdown that are used as energy when there is no glucose around), which can deliberately cross through to the placenta. It’s natural for the body to make some ketones while pregnancy, but it’s unclear what effect an abundance of ketones will have on a developing fetus.

Is keto Safe Long Term?

How long the keto diet is safe for weight loss is still under researchers. Advanced research found that people who are overweight and followed the keto diet for 24 weeks achieved positive results.

The different study recommends people follow the diet for no more than 52 weeks. Even during that time, close monitoring of kidney functions while on a ketogenic diet is essential.

In other words, let your doctor, nutritionist or medical team know what you’re up to, and keep an eye on your kidney health. After a year, no one is really sure how safe the diet is.

The maximum time of following the keto diet is about 24 weeks, and that’ll also depend on how much an individual weighed before starting the keto diet and the state of his/her overall health within those 24 weeks says Nikola Djordjevic, MD, of

He also says that I highly recommend that anyone on the keto diet gets checked by a medical doctor or professional nutritionist always to make assured that he or she has not developed any complexities like hypertension.